Breastfeeding counseling.

Many moms-to be walk into labor and delivery with every intention of breastfeeding. For the past 40weeks they have read article after article about the benefits of breastfeeding. After a great (or maybe not so great) labor and uneventful (or complicated) birth the nurse asks “are you ready to try to breastfeed”. The answer to that question is often “sure” or “of course”. However, after about 3-5mintues of “trying” the conversation usually changes to “oh the baby isn’t hungry” (which is true, but their rooting reflex (the desire to find the breast) is in full affect) or “I don’t have any milk” or “I really want my family to see the baby, I’ll try later”.

These statements happen time and time again. Becoming comfortable with the expectation of breastfeeding and understanding what you are doing and why you are doing those things makes breastfeeding so much more manageable. Even after a wonderful (or not so much) birth.

During counseling you will also learn about routines and products that can make your life as a breastfeeding mom much, much easier. Follow-up care post-partum is also included to ensure that you have a smooth transition once all the excitement of the birth has dissipated.

Individual Breastfeeding Counseling – two hours $125

Group Breastfeeding class – two hours $60


So after surviving labor and delivery you head home with this amazing, perfect little baby. As you sit and stare and watch their every breath you want nothing more than to always keep them safe. Would you know what to do if there was an emergency? Would your parents, in-laws or other care takers know what to do?

The chances of you needing to perform CPR are very minimal, but if that chance arises, having the knowledge and skills to perform the necessary actions are invaluable.

Through teaching The American Heart Association’s Pediatric First Aid content you will learn:

  • First Aid steps: Prevent, Be Safe, Phone 911 Act
  • Illness and Injuries
  • CPR AED and choking for children
  • CPR and choking for infants
  • Asthma care training

This course can take up to 5 hours depending upon class size and skill level. Classes are always limited to no more than 6 people. Cost for course is $60 per person or $100 per couple.

Births, Babies and Beyond is also able to provide skills testing for online courses offered through the American Heart Association. These courses include BLS for the Healthcare Provider, Heartsaver BLS, any of the Heartsaver Workplace Training courses offered online, including Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED which is the course offered on site. These courses can be accessed directly through the website