Individualized childbirth education:

Childbirth education is not just about getting through labor and delivery. It is about transitioning to your life as new parents. Giving birth to a child is arguably the most life changing experience a person can go through. Ironically, more parents-to-be have spent time studying for an exam in college then really preparing for what their life with a newborn is about to become.

Individualized education can take your birthing experience to a different level. By understanding who you are as both individual people and if applicable, a couple, education can be tailored to your individual needs, concerns and current lifestyle. By realizing that life as you know it does not have to be over, you can reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed and enjoy the stages of life with a newborn that will pass by so very quickly.

Topics covered include:

  • Labor and Delivery is just your first stop on this new journey, a stop that you can and will get through. Being a current labor room nurse, I am able to educate you about each step in the process. What realistic expectations are (there will be discomfort at some point and time…period) and what parts of labor and delivery make for good movie plot lines but might not necessarily be the realities of a true labor room experience (any show that gets you from the L&D door to postpartum in 30 min or less).
  • Postpartum is met with breastfeeding demands, peri-bottles and underwear that you wouldn’t be able to figure out by looking at it without an instruction manual. Addressing issues including how to handle pain, how to handle visitors when all you want to do is sleep and how to sleep when all you are doing is staring at your sleeping baby breathe. Postpartum is a whirlwind of doing everything and nothing all at the same time.
  • Going home… after what can sometimes be less than 48hours, based upon the time you deliver (if you deliver at 11:59pm consider that your first night of two nights (assuming a vaginal delivery) with nursing help) you are discharged home with a newborn whom comes with no instruction booklet or return policy. Advice from family and friends comes in handy but many times people have had children many years before and honestly, parental amnesia is a powerful thing. There also is the whole one-size does not fit all parenting styles. What worked really well as a routine for your friend who normally stayed up until all hours of the night on any given day may not be so hot for you who is use to an 8pm bedtime.

Private Education- $175.00- 4 hours total (2 two hour sessions)

Group Education $100.00 per couple – 4 hours

It is recommended that you take education classes as early as 23 weeks. If you find yourself in preterm labor or experiencing any complications that would lead you to deliver prior to your due date this is the information you will need to know.

If you choose to book a private session, your first session should be booked between 23-26 weeks and your second session should be booked between 34-36 weeks. Payment is due via PayPal or a check sent to: Births, Babies and Beyond, 620 Tinton Avenue, Building A, Suite 203, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 at time of booking. Should you deliver prior to your second session a 50% refund will be issued. A full refund will be given if the session is cancelled with a minimum of 48hours notice.