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Emotional Wellness during Pregnancy

Facilitator: Amanda Bordfeld Ferguson, Psy.D.

Taking care of your mind and your emotional well being during pregnancy is critical and can often get neglected as the physical demands can be overwhelming. Over this four week group, you will be introduced to skills that can aid in managing the role transitions, understanding your emotional approach, and increasing your ability to manage stress and the demands of motherhood. Emotional self care during this unique period of your life can be beneficial for positive prenatal and postpartum adjustment.

Who: Pregnant women (any trimester) minimum of 4 and max of 12 participants

When: Thursdays from 7-8pm

First Series: Oct 2nd, 9th, 16th, & 30th

Second Series: Nov 6th, 13th, 20th & Dec 4th

Fee: Four session group, $250


Mindfulness & Motherhood

Facilitator: Amanda Bordfeld Ferguson, Psy.D.

The benefits of mindfulness and mental health are profound with research showing improvements for those with depression, anxiety, OCD & PTSD, as well as stress and pain reduction. Mindfulness supports present moment awareness and increased connection with emotions, which is very important for expectant and new moms. This group will offer an introduction to mindfulness, guided practice based on group needs, and aid moms in finding their own ways to live more mindfully.

Who: Moms-to-be and new moms (birth in the last 12 months); minimum 4 and max of 12 participants

When: Mondays September 22nd, October 20th, November 10th, 7-9pm

Fee: $60 per session


Sustaining “The Couple” During Pregnancy and Beyond

Facilitator:  Coleen Markey, LCSW & Certified Life Coach
A pregnancy and newborn can put a major strain on your bond. Find out how to overcome the most common pre and post-pregnancy hurdles and keep your love strong. It’s easy to find your relationship off balance during this time. Utilizing the Wheel of Life Tool which is commonly used by professional life coaches, it helps you assess each area of your life as to what’s off balance.   I’ve adapted the tool specific to this topic. The group will include assessment of your Wheel of Life as a couple, how to restore balance in your relationship, communication and negotiation skills of expressing your needs to each other.


Who:  Pregnant and Postpartum Couples.  Minimum of 3 couples and max of 6 couples in attendance

When:  This is a one session group that will be offered Wednesday September 24th and again on Wednesday December 10th.

Time:  7pm – 9pm

Fee:  $75 per couple per session


Am I Still a Brother, Am I Still a Sister?

Facilitator:  Coleen Markey, LCSW & Certified Life Coach

Utilizing Stories and Art Therapy Projects this group is to help children who have experience a sibling loss as early as prenatally to have a safe, creative outlet for their concerns and feelings about their sibling dying and to gain an understanding about death and grief.

Who:  Children ages 4 – 8 who have experienced a sibling loss.  Minimum of 4 children and maximum of 8 participants

When:  Saturday September 27th   Time:  2:30pm – 4:30 pm

Saturday October 18th  Time: 10am – 12 pm

Saturday November 22nd  Time:  10am – 12 pm

Saturday December 13th Time:  10 am – 12 Pm

Fee:  $50 per session  (Your child does not need to attend each session)

***   A snack will be provided during the group.  If your child has food allergies please provide information at time of registration.


Birth Story Healing Circle

Facilitator:  Coleen Markey, LCSW & Certified Life Coach

For those who are struggling with a difficult birth or postnatal experience and are seeking support to process feelings, gain clarity and understanding to help  integrate and find meaning in their experience. One of the postpartum tasks of pregnancy is to integrate one’s experience of childbirth. The answers are in her birth story. With birth story healing, you can begin to narrate your birth story from a place of healing and self-loving kindness. We will use a finger labyrinth to induce a relaxation state that causes changes in brain waves allowing the mind to open up to new awarenesses and healing leading to a new perspective of your birth story.  A mandala will also be created for symbolic meaning of your new birth story.

Who: Postpartum Women , minimum of 4 and max of 10 participants.

When:  Wednesdays from 7- 9:00 pm:  Nov 5, 12, 19

Fee:  Three Session Group: $225


The Journey into Healing ~ Women & Infertility

Facilitator:  Coleen Markey, LCSW & Certified Life Coach

This  5 week educational/support group utilizing a mind/body approach is modeled after Dr Alice Domar’s internationally acclaimed research and is designed to help women who are attempting to conceive or participating in fertility treatments cope with the physical & emotional impact of infertility. Stress and depression disrupt the natural harmony of the body and reduce your chances for a successful pregnancy. Participating in a mind/body program specific to women and infertility, research indicates both excellent reductions in anxiety, depression as well as increases in pregnancy rates.  This group will incorporate the following modalities:  Relaxation and breathing exercises, guided imagery and meditation, life style changes, exploring attitudes and beliefs and shifting negative beliefs about your body, your partner and his body and why you aren’t pregnant yet as well as group emotional support.

Who:  Women attempting to conceive or participating in fertility treatments. Minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 in attendance.

When:  Wednesdays from 7pm – 9 pm:  October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Fee:  $375


 Strengthening Families Before and After Pregnancy

Facilitator:  Joanne Cahill LCSW

When children grow and learn in loving and caring environments, they do well in school and are better prepared for the future. Whether or not you succeed is always enhanced by communication long before your child is born.  This group will help parents/would be parents identify five protective factors that are present in positive healthy families. Participation in a program increases the likelihood of maintaining a positive attitude and creates an arena to learn how to cope with, creatively solve and bounce back from all types of life’s challenges.

Who:      Pregnant couple/Parents  Minimum 3 couples/Maximum 6 couples

When:    This is a 1 hour group that will be offered as follows:

Tuesday Sept. 30 2014

Tuesday Oct.  07 2014

Tuesday Oct.  14 2014

Time:      7:30-8:30 pm

Fee:       $80.00 couple


Moving Beyond

Facilitator:  Joanne Cahill LCSW

The stages of mourning and grief are universal and are experienced by individuals from all walks of life.  For those who are struggling with moving beyond this group will focus on processing the five stages of grief and provide an emotional support system to facilitate healing  We spend different lengths of time working through each step and express each step with different levels of intensity. The five stages do not necessarily occur in any specific order. Participation in a group as research indicates facilitates understanding of the process of grieving and reinforces that grieving is a personal process that has no time limit nor one right way to do it.

Who:    Women who have experienced loss: Minimum 6 women  Maximum 12 women

When:   Tuesday   Nov.04  2014

Tuesday  Nov. 11 2014

Tuesday  Nov. 18 2014

Time:   7:30-8:30 pm

Fee:     $120 pp.


Briefcase to Babies

Facilitator:  Joanne Cahill LCSW

This 3 week educational support group will focus on helping women to understand the conundrum between having a career and being a mother. Can We Have It All?  is a question asked by women of all ages from all different walks of life. This group will explore the deep philosophical issues women are confronted with.

Who:   Working women/stay at home mothers/Those contemplating making a decision

Minimum 6 women/Maximum 12 women

When:   Tuesday Dec. 2 2014

Tuesday Dec. 9 2014

Tuesday Dec 16 2014

Time:   7:30-8:30 pm

Fee      $120 pp.


Educational Group Birth Preparation

Childbirth Education Group

Facilitator: Christy Abrams, RNC-OB, CCE, CBC

During group childbirth education, couples will be walked through the basics of childbirth, including relevant anatomy and physiology, first stage of labor, second stage of labor, postpartum and going home. Various interactive methods are used to engage couples while learning. This is not just a lecture. While an individual plan for each couple will not be developed, numerous ways of preparing for and dealing with late stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care will be discussed.

Who: Expectant couples; Minimum 3 couples- maximum 7 couples

When: September 27th; October 11th’ November 15th

Time: 10am-2pm

Fee: $60 per couple/per session

*Individual sessions are available as well*


Breastfeeding Education Group

Facilitator: Christy Abrams, RNC-OB, CCE, CBC

Group breastfeeding education will provide an interactive learning experience where couples that choose to breastfeed will learn the necessary information to start them on their journey. Basic anatomy and physiology of the breast, components that make up breast milk, diet and nutrition, normal latch and feeding behaviors, positioning, products that can assist with breastfeeding, difficulties that can arise and breast milk pumping will be taught. Roles that the father can play in breastfeeding will also be discussed. Couples are encouraged to bring a doll to class to practice different feeding positions.

Who: Expectant couples; Minimum 3 couples- maximum 7 couples

When: September 28th; October 5th; November 23rd

Time: 10am-2pm

Fee: $60 per couple/per session

*Individual sessions are available as well*


Infant and Pediatric CPR and Basic First Aid

Facilitator: Christy Abrams, RNC-OB, CCE, CBC

This class is perfect for parents-to-be, new parents, grandparents and anyone who will be caring for the baby. Through teaching The American Heart Association’s Pediatric First Aid content you will learn:

  • First Aid steps: Prevent, Be Safe, Phone 911 Act
  • Illness and Injuries
  • CPR AED and choking for children
  • CPR and choking for infants
  • Asthma care training

Skills testing will be completed and the conclusion of the course to ensure participants are capable of performing necessary actions should the need arise.

Who: All accepted; Minimum 3 people; maximum 6 people

When: September 17th; October 1st; November 12th

Time: 10am-3pm

Fee: $60 per person or $100 a couple


Payment Policy

All group sessions involving a series (i.e. four or five week group therapy) must be paid as a flat on time fee prior to the first session.

All single session workshops/seminars are paid as a one time fee at or prior to the session.


Cancelation Policy

For all groups that involve a continued series of sessions, the client must provide 48 hour notice for canceling the entire series. Payment includes all the sessions and refunds will not be made based on missing one session out of the series.

For one session workshops, 24 hour notice is required to receive a refund/ not be charged for the session.


Enrollment Policy

Enrollment periods ends 24 hours prior to the start of the group. Positions are available on a first come, first serve basis and a group may close early due to maximum capacity (each group’s requirements are listed above).

Groups may be canceled at the provider’s discretion if minimum enrollment is not met. Clients will be provided with at least 24 hours notice and full refund.


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