Reine C. Haggerty RNC, CCE

Reine Haggerty  is a Registered Nurse certified in Obstetrics, and Childbirth Education,  Reine completed her Bachelor’s Degree in  Nursing at Thomas Edison State College. Reine pursued a second career in nursing while raising a family of four with the great encouragement and support of her family to go after her dream of being a NICU nurse. As life would have it, the NICU would not turn out to be her passion but rather working with families to create their new beginnings through childbirth, teaching, coaching and supporting the personal choices of her patients all while helping in making informed choices.

After completing nursing school by way of a 3 year Diploma program, Reine was fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to start her career in a level 3 high risk perinatal labor and delivery hospital department and after just a short time realized this is where she belonged and could make a big difference and begin a gratifying career at the ripe old age of 40 yrs. From there, finished her Bachelor’s Degree via an online program while working fulltime, raising her family then working toward becoming certified within her specialty of Obstetrics (RNC-OB).

In nearly ten years blessed with having helped families through some of the most stressful and enlightening experiences of both routine and many times not so routine experiences armed most times with information heard third person or from unreliable often misguiding sources, Reine completed the requirements needed to teach Certified Child Birth Education (CCE) through the encouragement of coworker Christy Abrams. Reine and Christy have been coworkers in the same LD Department for nearly eight years and share many of the same useful while uplifting approaches to being knowledgeable on the day to day realities of childbirth.

My goal simply is to support and inform parents- to- be in order to have a memorable and constructive while realistic experience.