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Childbirth education is not just about getting through labor and delivery. It is about transitioning to your life as new parents. Giving birth to a child is arguably the most life-changing experience a person can go through.

Ironically, only half of new parents invest in education.


Individualized education can take your birthing experience to a different level. By understanding who you are as both individual people and if applicable, a couple, education can be tailored to your individual needs, concerns and current lifestyle. 

Topics covered include:

  • Labor and Delivery is just your first stop on this new journey, a stop that you can and will get through. Being a current labor room nurse, I am able to educate you about each step in the process. What realistic expectations are (there will be discomfort at some point and time…period) and what parts of labor and delivery make for good movie plot lines but might not necessarily be the realities of a true labor room experience.  You will be educated on the stages and phases of labor, comfort techniques, pain management, interventions, variations that come into play and csections.

  • Postpartum is a sacred time in the life of new parents. You will learn what to expect while in the hospital and beyond. Understanding the norms for you and your baby is key to getting through this time. Beyond the physical needs, you will learn how to cope with the roller coaster of emotions that is postpartum. 

  • Those first few weeks; Each couple goes home with a folder of information that they can reference when the safety of the hospital is gone. I make myself available for questions via email or text. While this never replaces a doctor's advice, knowing there is a trained professional you can reach out to for questions and support is crucial during this time. 


Private education classes are $200 for 4 hours. Sessions can be booked as 2 two-hour sessions or 1 4-hour session. Please email for more information on private classes.

It is recommended you take this class from as early as 24 weeks.

* All classes are for educational purposes only. Couples are encouraged to discuss all concerns with their health care providers. No medical advice will be provided during education sessions. 

Childbirth Education: Our Services
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